Ian Fisher – Actor

Ian Fisher during a photoshoot - Photo by ITFILM85
Ian Fisher during a photoshoot – Photo by ITFILM85

Name: Ian Fisher (Actor/Producer)

Born in: Transylvania, Romania.

Known for:  Jean-Claude Van Johnson, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface , Nine Eleven 

Did you know that? At first, Fisher was a singer, He performed throughout Italy, Israel and Romania. His band won numerous awards including ‘Band of the Year’ in 1999 but due to his love for acting, In 2005, he left Israel where He grew up to move to Los Angeles because He was awarded a full scholarship for the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

As a produced, He has done several featured films, music videos and documentaries

Producer Credits: Drama Sue,Fairies, Widows, Rock Candy Funk Party: Groove Is King,Alice,Rock Candy Funk Party,A Dance Before Sunset,Hysteria,Striker,The Split,Cocaine,The Hidden Track,The Pick Up,Sexiest Women of Reality TV Swimsuit Calendar Edition,The Gift,The White Room